Program Information

The Institute’s Program of Studies is offered by distance education. All course material has been developed by the Institute. All courses are offered in three terms per year, the Winter term (January – April), Summer term (May – August) and the Fall term (September – December). Each course has an examination at the end of the term. Completion of this program usually takes two years. Course exams are written at the end of each term, exam papers are available in French or English and exam may be written French or English, set dates which cannot be changed.

The Program of Studies has four mandatory courses:

  • Level I – Introductory Business Valuation
  • Level II – Intermediate Business Valuation
  • Level III – Advanced Business Valuation
  • Level IV – Special Topics in Business Valuation

The mandatory courses in the CICBV Program of Studies build on the knowledge of previous mandatory courses. The following are the recommended prerequisites to consider while working through the Program of Studies.

Students are required to complete two of the four electives:

  • Litigation Support in Business Valuation
  • Corporate Finance
  • Valuation For Financial Reporting
  • Private Investments

Each course in the CICBV Program of Studies has its own Moodle webpage (hosted by York University) and three designated webinars per term. On each course’s Moodle page, students can access course notes, a discussion forum, webinars, previous terms’ practice exams and suggested solutions, and other important information (such as Student Guides). The course notes are the primary source of material for each course. The discussion forum is the students’ primary mode of communication with Instructors and other students. Student only have access to the materials in the courses for the time that they are enrolled in that specific term. It is recommended that you save your materials.