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Past Webinars

Date Price
Valuation and deals in the time of COVID - A Canadian virtual chat (YPV event)2020-08-24 FREE
Repricing Risk - Valuation and Damages During COVID-192020-06-16 $35.00
Cybertools for Forensic Accountants2020-05-27 $35.00
Virtual Townhall on COVID-19 Global Valuations Impact2020-04-14 $35.00
Damage Quantification and Business Valuation in the Franchise Industry2020-03-05 $30.00
CBVs in Family Law – Current Issues in Canadian practice2020-03-02 $50.00
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Requirements2020-02-04 $30.00
A Discerning Valuation Analysis2020-01-29 $30.00
The Blockchain Ecosystem for CBVs - Basics, Awareness, Risks, and What's to Come2019-11-28 $30.00
Effective Negotiation Skills2019-11-27 $30.00
Decrypting Crypto: An Introduction to Cryptoassets and a Study of Select Valuation Approaches2019-11-20 $30.00
Fair Market Value of Minority Interest in Real Estate2019-11-20 $30.00
CBVs Going Too Far with Opinions: What are the legal consequences? Where is the line? How to avoid going over the Line?2019-11-15 $30.00
Ex ante or ex post, that is the question Discounting conventions in economic damages, a case law review (2019 Congress)2019-10-17 $150.00
AI – a modern view of its impact on valuations (2019 Congress)2019-10-18 $150.00
The Intersection of Income Tax and Family Law in Canada (2019 Congress)2019-10-16 $150.00
Volatility Estimation for Private and post-IPO Companies (2019 Congress)2019-10-16 $150.00
Calculation, estimate and comprehensive reports – which report to use when (2019 Congress)2019-10-16 $150.00
Doing Diligence differently, a PE perspective (2019 Congress)2019-10-16 $150.00
International Trade Relations - Impact on Business Risk (2019 Congress)2019-10-16 $150.00
Common Experts / Jointly-instructed experts : How is the practice developing in Canada? (2019 Congress)2019-10-16 $150.00
Valuations and Litigation: Insights from a Case Law Review (2019 Congress)2019-10-16 $150.00
Strategic Investors vs Private equity buyers (2019 Congress)2019-10-16 $150.00
Cannabis Panel (2019 Congress)2019-10-16 $150.00
Early stage and exit advisory (2019 Congress)2019-10-16 $150.00
M&A Update – Year in review and year ahead (2019 Congress)2019-10-16 $150.00
Maintaining impartiality: the view from the Bench and the Bar (2019 Congress)2019-10-16 $150.00
How to Intelligently Value AI Companies (2019 Congress)2019-10-17 $150.00
The Theory and Practical Aspects of Discount Rates for Quantifying Losses (2019 Congress)2019-10-17 $150.00
International Cost of Capital – Understanding and Quantifying Country Risk (2019 Congress)2019-10-17 $150.00
Minding the M&A Compass While Navigating from East to West: Cross-Border Transaction and International Valuations Trends (2019 Congress)2019-10-18 $150.00
Cost of Equity: A Canadian-centric Perspective (2019 Congress)2019-10-18 $150.00
Company Specific Risk Premiums - Guidance and Practice from the US (2019 Congress)2019-10-16 $150.00
Valuation Metrics for Dental Practises: Why traditional methodologies are relied upon as opposed to multiples of EBITDA2019-06-10 $30.00
Valuing the Canadian Veterinary Practice2019-03-27 $30.00
Strategies to address the estate and tax implications of “trapped” money in a holding company2019-03-27 $30.00
Economic Update: What's in store for 2019 and beyond?2019-02-11 $30.00
Practice Inspection Policy and Q&A2019-01-17 $30.00
Cannabis in Canada2018-10-18 $30.00
Key Elements of US Tax Reform for Canadians2018-10-18 $30.00
When is the right time to sell: How do we give the Business Owner comfort on their cash flow in the post transaction period?2018-10-18 $30.00
Evolution in Oppression Remedy – Personal Liability of Corporate Directors2018-05-31 $30.00
Valuation of Golf Courses and the state of the Canadian Golf Market2018-05-31 $30.00
Staged exits – Capitalizing on the dramatic increase in private equity in the Canadian middle market2018-05-10 $30.00
Valuing Automobile Dealerships: Industry Changes and Recent Transaction Trends2018-04-12 $30.00
Practice Inspection Q&A2018-01-04 $30.00
Key tax, financial and financing aspects of a family business transfer transaction2018-01-04 $30.00
Hotel Valuation Methodology2018-01-04 $30.00
Impact of Trusts on Family Law2017-04-12 $65.00
Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence: The Cyber Security Problem2017-02-24 $65.00

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