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Elective Courses

Private Investments
Litigation Support in Business Valuation
Corporate Finance
Valuation for Financial Reporting

Mandatory Courses

Level I - Introductory Business Valuation
Level II - Intermediate Business Valuation
Level III - Advanced Business Valuation
Level IV - Special Topics in Business Valuation

Registration process changes for 2017 Spring/Summer semester

Changes have been made to the Program of Studies’ registration process. The CBV Insitute’s Department of Education is requesting that students take the time to carefully read this communication regarding changes to online course registration for the 2017 Spring/Summer semester.

For the 2017 Spring/Summer semester, there will be a two-step online registration process. This two-step process will only be in place for the 2017 Spring/Summer semester.  For subsequent semesters, the process will be streamlined.  The purpose of these changes is to streamline the students’ registration experience.

Click on this link for step-by-step instructions of the online course registration process:

Current Students – registration process

New Students – registration process

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