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Business Valuation

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? Re-examining the Use of Rules of Thumb in the Valuation of Business Interests, Tara Singh, CBV, September 2015

Business Valuation 101: Demystifying the Multiple, Craig Maloney, CBV, June 2015

Ready to sell? The ins and outs of auctioning a business, Hussein Poonjani, CBV, The Globe and Mail, September 2014

Following Value: Twitter IPO, Ian Wintrip, CBV, Hussein Poonjani, CBV, LinkedIn, December 2013

Billions in capital financing on the sidelines for Canadian small business ownersSue Loomer, CBV, Star Business Club, October 2013


Valuation Principles in the Context of a Shareholder Dispute, Patricia Harris, CBV, August 2016

Two Experts, Two Opinions, Suzanne Loomer, CBV, CBA National Magazine, July 2015

Reforming Expert Evidence, Yoram Beck, CBV, Suzanne Loomer, CBV, CBA National Magazine, March 2015

Expert Witnesses: The Dangers of Bias (video), Errol Soriano, FCBV, CBA National Magazine, March 2015