When knowing gives you an advantage.

A Chartered Business Valuator applies years of practice and study, experience, proven processes and considerable rigor to finding a number that you can depend on in a changing world. Knowing the value of a business or related asset, or quantifying financial losses – and knowing it will stand up to the toughest scrutiny or even a court of law – is an advantage. And that is why knowing more about CBVs and our profession is a good next step.

Whether as part of a professional practice or within industry, CBVs apply their knowledge and expertise to business valuation and litigation support and a variety of other activities, including:

  • determination of the value or worth of businesses, business interests and intangible assets and liabilities,
  • mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, including valuation analyses and associated services,
  • strategic, financing and business integration activities in support of deals
  • quantification of economic loss,
  • development, review and audit of financial models,
  • identification of value opportunities and business risks,
  • development of investment alternatives and alternatives for value creation
  • investment analysis,
  • impairment testing and purchase price allocations, and
  • development and review of valuation policies, procedures and processes,

for a multitude of purposes, including deal advisory, dispute resolution, litigation support, statutory requirements, financial reporting and governance of investments.